Sponsorship Program

Before proceeding please read our full requirements.

Sponsorship involves ongoing work, from the applicant and Clan/Community, at all times of the sponsorship, with the benefit of some 'Free Hosting of some of our services' - These include, A game server upto max of 100 slots (we may increase this but it is at our discretion) Plus more see our What we provide section below.

To be sponsored by 24 Play is a privilege that will only be possible when we feel that your Clan/Community can benefit us in some way.

Here's what you can do for us, without a strong application stating exactly how you can be off service to 24 Play, it is probable, your application will be discarded.

What you can do for 24 Play,

We receive many applications, with "We can provide you with banners and links from our website."

Please don't expect that if you apply with just a suggestion of putting a couple of banners and our name in front of your server's name that you will get immediate sponsorship!

We will provide the following for successful applicants:
  • Slot Server
  • 24 Bronze Package Web Hosting
  • A Section within our Discord Server for you to play and hang out.
  • Your Banner ( Provided by you ) with your Discord Link on our website.
  • The more paying customers you bring to 24 Play the bigger sponsorship package you will get, leading upto and not limited to a Dedicated server from our Server Range.
We WILL NOT provide the following.
  • Support to configure the Game Server to your needs or resolve any problems, you have the option in our control panel to re-install the original configuration
  • Any templates for Web Hosting
  • Support or installation of databases

All applications, must contain the following, be written correctly, not in any abbreviated form like a text message, most of all, spelt correctly, someone who takes the time to spell check a document is more serious than someone who types an application and does not check it.

  • Clan/Community`s name whom is applying for sponsorship
  • Clan/Community`s members total
  • Clan/Community`s average age of members
  • Clan/Community`s website (if you are keeping the one you currently have)
  • What league is your Clan/Community`s active in, post a link direct to your Clan/Community`s in the league please
  • What services you require from us
  • Why should 24 Play give you a sponsorship deal?
What do we expect you to do?

Well, lets start here:

  • Pomote 'Actively' 24 Play's Services
  • Place our logo, on your homepage at our discretion
  • Use our Banners (of our choice) on your site
  • Use 'Branded' Server name with | Powered by 24 Play @ the end of the Server name
  • Source clients to rent from 24 Play, who will receive 10% discount every month
  • We expect you, to get at least 1 NEW (not already existing) client in a 4 week period to rent from us, or your sponsorship WILL be terminated
What will happen if you dont do!

We will terminate your sponsorship with immediate effect, no warnings, just a plain old shutoff.

Where to apply?

You represent an established gaming Community or Clan with a strong European player-base with plenty of hits to your website then please contact us by clicking here

24 Play is Currently proud to sponsor the following Clan`s/Community`s below:
Twisted Transport

Synergy Convoy Security